GA Election Updates-National Implications & A Tight Race between Handel and Ossoff

    Georgia’s Tuesday 6th Disctrict Election will be a tight race.

    If Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff, who claims this election is about local interests, wins 50% on Tuesday, their $8.3 million in advertising will have been well spent. Of the total $14 million, Ossoff’s donations are predominately out-of-state from, by majority, California (Hollywood), New York and Massachusetts.

    Trump said in a Sunday tweet that last week’s special election in Kansas was a “really big media event” until a Republican won the contest. “Now they play the same game with Georgia-BAD!”  Trump endorses Handel AJC by Greg Bluestein April 17, 2017

    Guide to the candidates:

    Your guide to the leading candidates in Georgia’s special election

    Democrats See Opening in Georgia Special Election – NBC News

    Democrats for broke to win Georgia’s special election By Greg Bluestein – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Republicans and Democrats have spent $14 million on a nonstop ad blitz to sway Georgia’s special election. But the outcome of Tuesday’s vote may come down to a more personal touch.



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